First name: Keith
Last name: Pederson
Aka: Clara
Age: 30?
Location: USA Canton South Dakota Zip code: 57013
On websites: Find Me Love and Speed Date uses yahoo messenger
Report:     this person contacted me back first of year and again last month forgetting she had earlier I say she or may be he. wanting money to drive here to see me going to do all these things to me sexualfirst pics of pretty young black girl actually pics of then now using pics of Ann Angel here is text copied- Aug 25, 2014 7:34:11 AM7:21:17 AM clarap102: baby i know that is why i want to leave here early by 9am7:21:49 AM leftybowls300: I must see clear photos of you honey7:22:10 AM clarap102: baby do you mean not clear again7:22:24 AM leftybowls300: show more7:24:21 AM leftybowls300: now am really confused7:24:37 AM leftybowls300: look at these I went and found I had saved7:25:04 AM clarap102: baby why are you confused??7:25:32 AM clarap102: please i want you to be since with me please dont play games with me7:25:36 AM leftybowls300: this is Clare Pederson7:25:47 AM leftybowls300: hang on 7:26:22 AM clarap102: baby this means you have many woman you chat with right7:26:29 AM leftybowls300: 6:34:47 AM leftybowls300: clarap102: Have yiu forget me so easily again. clarap102: Have yiu forget me so easily again greg morris clarap102: It me clara clarap102: It me clara clarap102: you wanted to send ne the money ti cons home with you before you where sick clarap102: you wanted to send ne the money ti cons home with you before you where sick why are all your messages showing two times clarap102: I dont know clarap102: I dont know I got 1 picture of a beautiful dark skinned lady in a black top7:08:21 AM clarap102: That me7:08:25 AM leftybowls300: lordy how could I forget one so beautiful7:10:22 AM leftybowls300: what does tag say on necklace7:28:53 AM leftybowls300: so is you or is same yahoo id so which are you beautiful black lady or fake blond lady which is actually photos of porn star Ann Angel7:28:57 AM clarap102: baby you Are a great man i can now see that you truly love me7:29:23 AM clarap102: baby you are a since man 7:29:48 AM clarap102: Ann Angel is my long time friend7:30:53 AM leftybowls300: you not porn star are you7:31:09 AM clarap102: i told her about you and she told me that for me to know maybe you love me that i should send her pics to you and if you like her then that means you dont love me but now you have prove to me that you are not a fake man7:31:10 AM leftybowls300: and which of pics is truly you7:31:51 AM clarap102: you told me to send my pics to you and i email it to you but since then ypou stop talking to me that what make me confuse now i love you7:32:01 AM clarap102: baby the black pics is me7:32:49 AM clarap102: i was once a mordeling7:33:22 AM clarap102: baby you are a real man that i will love till eternity because you are a sinsere7:33:46 AM clarap102: 7:33:48 AM leftybowls300: I never got any pics in email and if you are truly friend with Ann Angel what is yer phone number and where does she currently live7:34:11 AM clarap102: baby yes she is my friend IM Aug 25, 2014 7:47:46 AM7:34:20 AM clarap102: my long time friend7:34:45 AM clarap102: i dont know where she is presently but we do talk on email7:35:18 AM leftybowls300: The black lady is far more beautiful than Ann Angel but being totally honest I have over 20 different people using Ann Angels photos all are fake imposters7:35:45 AM leftybowls300: what is her email address7:36:27 AM clarap102: baby yes i know that too because she told me that she have report to the security about that and they promise to block her for the fake never to have access to her poics again7:37:08 AM leftybowls300: what is your phone number7:37:41 AM clarap102: my uncle too have been fake with her pics but when my uncle tell me i ask her but she said she never do such thing 7:38:15 AM leftybowls300: what is your phone number7:39:02 AM clarap102: baby i love you7:39:10 AM clarap102: can you tell me you love me too for me to know how serious you are to me now7:39:26 AM clarap102: i dont want you out of my sight agin baby now that i have you close to me7:39:38 AM leftybowls300: what is your phone number give me then talk7:40:01 AM leftybowls300: and give me your complete physical address7:41:58 AM leftybowls300: forgive me for what am saying but I have been scammed before by beautiful ladies never again will I allow guard down give me phone number your DOB and your physical address if I find you are legit I promise to love you til day I pass away and forever after7:42:20 AM clarap102: baby i can understand what you mean7:42:31 AM clarap102: baby this my full details7:42:31 AM leftybowls300: If you cannot do that then I must say goodbye7:43:27 AM leftybowls300: if you are in fact the black lady in photos I have then yes I Love you with all my heart7:43:35 AM clarap102: Name: keith pedersen c State: South Dakota City: Canton Zip code: 57013....
Status of report: is still without proof