Scam report about Gifty Baah

First name:  Gifty
Last name:  Baah
Age:  36
Location:  Accra Ghana
Phone:  un011233242321679known
On websites:  many date sites
Report:  I recently lost my only child, my 19 year old son in a car accident a few yrs ago, resulting in a terrible divorce,where i sold my ski chalet and closed mt rental Company. I then had a catastrophic car accident where i was airlifted to st mikes hospital in toronto ,and had a kive in nurse for two yrs in my home. I met this Gifty Baah,who contacted me via a dating site. I have known her for two years . She got me for a ticket last year and i believed her story,because i wanted to ,i guess i needed someone that badly. Well, she got me again and i have many videos of her singing to me, and reciepts of fake tickets ,fake dog asses i paid for and many many emails and hundreds of pictures. i was stunned to find out she is a scammer tonight beciase i just found out her ticket is a fraud and no such agencies exist. I am so fkd up about this and so let down. I will do anything to see that she does not hurt any other human being again. how can oi send you her pics and videos and emails? I am at I will do anything to stop her. pls help me. Bill wilson

Status of report:  is still without proof

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