Scam report about Linda Martins

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Martins
Aka:  Karina Martins
Age:  unknown
Location:  Las Vegas
On websites:  linkedin
Report:  I contact you as part of a possible collaboration. I'm looking for a partner to attend a field of potential business investment and accept any external funding that will come in to carry out the business.. I am a financial consultant in contact with rich and discreet clients that plans to build business empire especially in the area of automobile, real estate. agriculture, oil and gas etc. ........ kindly get back to me if you are interested. regards linda martins --- Dear Sir, I sincerely thank you for your message. I decided to contact you after review your profile on LINKEDIN.COM, my private search through, I have decided to contact you with my private business offer. I CLEARLY UNDERSTAND THAT THIS BUSINESS PROPOSAL MAY NOT BE IN YOUR SECTOR, BUT THIS PRIVATE BUSINESS OFFER WILL NOT IN ANYWAY DISTURB YOUR PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES. Presently my company's determination is to Invest Funds into any lucrative and succeeding business in your country. our idea is solely on the development of this Industry and we have work very hard to bring our ideas to reality. At the present moment, I have a large number of potential Investors seeking good business venture partnership to negotiate immediately, as the supposed Investment Funds are currently in a Dormant Bank Account in the United Kingdom Overseas, and now we are striving to penetrate the market place in your Country. Considering the fact that we are relatively new in this part of the world, we already have Individuals and companies who we already saw their Investment Proposals but wasn't potential enough for my Client. NOTE THAT I CAN ALSO PROVIDE YOU WITH A SOFT INVESTMENT LOAN OR AS WELL WORK WITH YOU AS AN INVESTMENT MANAGER IF YOU REQUIRE THE FUNDING FOR YOUR COMPANY OR PROJECT. OUR REQUIREMENTS FROM YOU: 1 - You will assist us receive the Investment Funds from my clients Bank in UK, which you would receive as the Investment Manager of the Funds. 2 - You will deduct 10% of the payment amount received, plus any travel cost incurred on your part, which will be your commission on each payment processed by our Clients. 3. You would be in-charge to use the said Funds into your Line of Business as a JOINT VENTURE PARTNERSHIP or AS AN INVESTMENT LOAN from my client. NOTE: This will not affect your present activities or business and you will work independently right from your home and your office in a 100% absolutely legal manner. If you are interested kindly get back to me as soon as possible to proceed. Warm Regards, LINDA MARTINS

Status of report:  is still without proof

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