Scam report about Nataliya Krygliak

First name:  Nataliya
Last name:  Krygliak
Age:  25
Location:  Russia, Volgograd
Address:  Sulskaya Street 39-15, Index 403 003
On websites:  gmx
Report:  Initial contact was made by Nataliya on 8-14-14. we corresponded till 9-2-14. This is the second to person to have this exact scam. Nataliya stated that she was exceptional as dentist student, Is picked to go to USA to train for six months as dentist and will return to Russia as dentist. She sent photos with each letter getting sexier pictures as communications continue. She then said the papers are ready and went to Moscow for few days. She was ready to leave for the USA and then notified she can't leave until all utilities are paid. She state she don't have enough and ask for some assistance till she gets her first pay in the USA for the training. Nataliya stated she needed to pay 395 Euros of which she had 100 and requested 295 from me so she could come here to the USA. She offered to send her Moscow address and when asked to no further communications were received from her.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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