Scam report about Anastasia 

First name:  Anastasia
Age:  30
Location:  Turinsk Russia
Report:  Known this lady for about 3 weeks had good relations with her never told her any lies but never trusted her either because I had been e Mailing another russian girl and found out she was a scanner and a liar. This woman is definately a scanner and a lier, lier because everything she wrote to me was all written by the lady ELENA who was writing to a man named STAN in U S A every thing this idiot wrote to me nearly word for word is what was written by her perhaps they know one another. I am still at present in touch with her says she wants to come to my country told me the cost 444 GBP she has saved ?64 money she has saved from our her first letter to me she asks me if I would pay the rest for her visa and passport I have told her I will help her when she arrives here by giving her money to pay for any thing she may borrow to get here. She is a very beautiful woman so I suggested that perhaps she could get a little modelling work enough to pay for her fare here. I also wanted to marry her if she could get here I offered this to her but I had always been suspicious of her from the very sexy pictures she sent me started tame but got rather more intimate until full nude of which is fine I did not mind if it was genuine unfortunately it is not. Shame really because although her body is gorgeous. I liked her face and things she wrote but now after having been involved with two of them both out and out Scammers they should be stopped from messing about with mens feelings and emotions not right if you treat them right. I want nothing more to do with any Russian woman and would be grateful if my email addresses were taken out of existance in Russia if that was possible please other E Mail address is this was the e mail address she used to send her e mails direct to me

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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