Scam report about Alina Namish

First name:  Alina
Last name:  Namish
Age:  32
Location:  Izhevsk Russia
Report:  This was my first encounter with your so called Russian beauties and being a complete novice and she wrote such beautiful letters. I was taken in completely I did not think this sort of thing happened in Russia because the girls are looking for honest men for serious relationships Marriage and family or so they say but it is all a massive scam this one never mentioned money but would have done if I had let it go on instead I finished it before it went to far then I went into another scanners website found her at the top of the list in her home city found all the same letters that she was writing to me being sent to two other guys called STONEY and a guy by the name of Thorsen SHNIEDER I think that may not be correct spelling. I have said this in my first e mail that I have had enough of being nice honest polite and decent to your Russian woman I want nothing more to do with them ever again. Please take both of my e mail addresses out of circulation in Russia. Never did any thing like this before will not again Email 2nd address I repeatedly told both of the ladies I became involved with that if they did not want a friendship with me that was mutually trusting then finish the relationship but these two idiots even when I told both of them repeatedly that I had no money to give them just do not take no for an answer.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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