Scam report about Cath 

First name:  Cath
Age:  32
Location:  MCBH Kaneobe Bay Hawaii
Email:  hawaiimarineeditor@gmail.comPhone
On websites:  Christian Cafe and RSVP
Report:  I received a wink message from a lady claiming to be from the Marine Base in Hawaii. This base is on the Island of O'Ahu. Very pretty spot. I've been to the USA as I have often mentioned and particularly Hawaii. I've naturally seen a lot of Marines. Great uniform particularly the dress blues. I wouldn't think too many people would want to leave O'Ahu. If I had the money I would buy a holiday house there. Anyhow a typical scam scenario of a much younger attractive woman wanting to con a much older man. I saw her profile in RSVP although I'm not a member, under the name of Cath and living in Australia. This scammer seems very busy using many dating sites so be careful. In CC age is stated as 32 in RSVP age stated as 23. Says she is professional. That could be correct but probably in scamming. Most likely a man/men behind this scam. They were thrown out of CC in about 15mins. That's impressive. Well for their efforts in wasting my time they will be placed in here. A few less pictures this scammer can now use.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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