First name: Yuliya
Age: 27
Location: kirs
On websites:
Report:     What's up Jerry? Good to here from you, and how are doing today? As for me I had a good day. I thought you did not write me because I live in another country. I'd like to say that you are an unordinary man and you worth all the best. I am interested in becoming more acquainted with you I will tell you more about me. I do not have children and I have never been married. My family it's my mum, grandmother and my grandfather. My family is very important to me. I honestly don't know what I would do without my family. They have been my support through everything and there really isn't much we wouldn't do for one another. My mum name is Lyudmila. She was 53 years old. She works in a factory. She is very nice, kind and intelligent woman. My grandmother and my grandfather lived in the village, Znamenka. Her name is Mariya and she 75 years old. She does not work now, she is pensioner, but she is very much to do around the house. My grandfather's name is Vasiliy, and he 76 years old. He retired as well. Sometimes we go fishing with him. He always taught me to help others and care for them. I do not remember my father. He was an officer in the Soviet army, and he was killed in Afghanistan in 1990 when I was 3 years. Mum said that he was very brave and very kind. She loved him, and he was very fond of my mother. I am proud of my father and he is my hero. Jerry tell me more about yourself, your family, about your parents. What does your family mean to you? It's very interesting for me. Modern family life is not easy. In it there are many difficulties and problems, but still the most important thing is love and respect, as the two necessary basis for its existence. Because having a family arsenal of two such powerful tools, people are able to survive any domestic troubles. Jerry do you agree with me? Jerry I am glad that my pictures have liked you. As it is pleasant to me to receive your picture. You ask about Skype. I never heard about Skype. I approached to the worker of library and the worker of library explained to me, that speed the Internet too small in library and similar service is not accessible right now. But the worker of library promised to me, that we with you can soon take advantage of this service. I do not have a computer at home and I am forced to communicate with you from the city library - that's why I do not always have time write you. I'm rather busy right now. I hope that a photos which I send today, it is pleasant to you. On it I with my mum. Sincerely Yuliya
Status of report: is still without proof