First name: Christy
Last name: Lawer
Aka: Lawer Fiasil or Fiasil Lawer
Age: 34
Location: Ghana Accra
Address: 20 Kanda Highway Accra
Phone: 00233244295280
On websites: Hookup
Report:     This one you really have to watch, she will tell you all about the scams in Ghana and how she is only there because her boyfriend was dealing in drugs and she caught him with them in a suitcase while on holiday, but he threaten to kill her if she said anything, so she went to her mother who lives in Ghana while her father lives in Edinburgh where she was a beauty therapist, she has a Facebook account with her photographer on it and a Yahoo account as well with her place of work in Ghana at a beauty parlour, but the photographs are of Corin Riggs an American model but the icing on the cake is she has false passports with Corin Riggs on both her UK and Ghana passports, she will say it's her birthday and prove by scanning the passports and sending them to you because she has lost her job and has no money for to celebrate her birthday with her family it cost me ?30 a lot in Ghana, but then comes the Internet needs paid so she will have to stop texting you but it's all a con, and she will attempt. To ring you to make it look she is genuine but be on your guard.
Status of report: is still without proof