SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Darya Golitsyna

First name: Darya
Last name: Golitsyna
Age: 36
Location: Russia, city MUROM
Address: Street Kalinina the house 8 apartment 13 code:602250
Report:     Darya, 36 jaar, lifes in Murom, Name: Darya Surname: Golitsyna Country Russia City Murom Street Kalinina the house 8 apartment 13 The postal index 602250 E-mail: Letter 1 Hi Nitril! For me, it is good to your letter of today to see. With great pleasure I will answer you. Perhaps in the future we will exchange letters a day. I'd like to believe it! I want to tell you something about myself. My name is Darya. I am 36 years old. but just abbreviated Dasha. I live in the beautiful city of Murom. My city is located in Russia. In my profile on the site, I deliberately searched for a man who is the country from which I would love to meet you. The first time I used the internet to meet a man. I am an honest woman and I want to build a relationship of trust and have a soul mate for life! I work part-consultant selling furniture. I love my job. In my spare time I like to go out to meet my friends. I also love to play sports, love dancing and free time to good use. In my free time I visit the fitness center. And I like to swim, visit the pool. Most of all I like to make several pictures. If you are interested. Then in the following letters will send pictures. What do you love? I think everyone should strive for a healthy lifestyle. What do you think of this? I know the Dutch. I learned many years ago. But my Dutch is not so good. I can speak fluent English. It is very difficult to write in Dutch. And I use a translator. I hope you understand me? I think the Dutch language - the language of the love, and there are many nice words! I am looking for serious, stable relationship. In the future I want a strong pair. I'm a grown woman, and I have to think about the future. Also you are looking for a serious relationship? I await your reply. Darya Hii Darya, Nice that you're writing in Dutch. You live in Russia in the city of Murom. From what you write you looking for a reliable and good man for a long relationship to build up with. It is the first time you try to meet a man. Web Now I have a question. How did you come out with me? And why are you looking for a husband abroad. As you look like you have enough men can get. Let's know what. I like your photos fun. Do you have more pictures ??? Greetings, Nitril Letter 2 I'm glad to see your letter. I want you to speak openly. With great pleasure I will answer your questions ... I'm happy when we enter into a dialogue. After all, we are in such a communication can learn about each other more. Every day I will be glad to know about you that something new. I hope that our relationship will develop. I do not live in the Netherlands. I talked about the Netherlands in my profile, because I could not find Russia when checked my profile. I had a bad experience with people from Russia. So I was disappointed. My friend advised me to use online to meet with a guy from another country knowledge. I'd like to hear more about you and your family. I can see your photos ???? It is very important for our discussion! I hope we will have, if you will answer my questions. Beautiful dialogue It is so we can learn more from each other. I want to communicate with you every day! I will send to you my pictures in my next letter. I hope you understand my Dutch I studied German at university. I can speak and write. I hope you will not be faced with the challenge to understand me ... You already know that I live in the city. But all my youth in a small village. Then in the village had no higher education. So when I graduated from the training school, then I had to come to town. I went there to study at university and got a room in a hostel. My student days were difficult. I slept some, because I studied while working. After that I worked as a shop florist flower arrangements. When I graduated from university studies, then I got a job selling furniture salesman consultant. In Murom, I found new friends and have decided to continue to live here. I think that a big city can offer me more opportunities. Life here is a vibrant and well developed. The rent of an apartment in the city is expensive. My parents live in the village. I also have an older sister. She is two years older than me. She lives and works in the village. Sometimes on weekends I visit my family in the village. I love to meet my family !! When we are together, we go for a big family table talk on various topics, and share the latest news. I am 36 years old. I thought that one day I will be with her beloved husband for the rest of my life. But I do not know if I want to have children of my own. I can not answer that question at this time. But I still love children. My friend advised me to get the man. Via the internet knowledge She explained to me that now through the internet has become very popular dating. Already many people have found love through the internet. This is a very good way to find the right person. Why did you decide to use on the Internet? Dating service If I can meet a man in another country, then maybe I would be happy to move to another country to live. For me it will be difficult to leave Russia. My friends and family But my happiness. I'm ready for anything. In any event, Also, I will be able to continue to communicate with my friends and family, even if I love them! With impatience I will wait for your answer. Darya. PS: I have a picture of my sister and my parents. I hope you like it. Hiiiii Darya, Nice that you are so quickly sends a message back. The pictures are very nice. It is indeed important to know each other. Your friend advised to use another man to know the Internet. So you have bad experiences with men from Russia. I think we are very different than Russian men. You want to hear something about me. I am single and would like to know in order thereby to build a good relationship. A sweet, slim woman This woman should be kind, honest, and well care. I love it when a woman is dressed. I myself am always well groomed. I read that you live in the city and your family in a village. I think you've made to live in a city. A good choice There is more work. I love music. I wish you a great day and look forward to your message. I hope you send some nice pictures of yourself. Greetings, Nitril Letter 3 19-8 Hello Nitril! For me it is pleasant to see that you answer my letters. I see that you read my letters attentively and are in earnest about it. I am glad the nobility that you liked my family. Why you did not answer questions of my last letter? I want to learn more about you and your family. I can see your photo???? It is very important for our dialogue! I hope that we will have a pleasant dialogue if you answer all my questions. After all so we can learn about each other more. I want to communicate with you every day! Now we only have started to learn each other and it would be desirable it occurred completely. I do not write to other men. Now I write only to you. Earlier I have written to several more men. But my relations with them were not serious. They asked not decent questions, thought of entertainment. And as write not every day and do not answer questions. I consider such men not serious! I understood that they searched only for entertainments. I hope that you will not make that or similar?! I think that the serious man who wants to create own family, not begins to behave badly, which nice for it. It is not beautiful to think of entertainment from that whom you do not know! As it pushes on obscene thoughts!!! You understand about what I speak??? Parents have brought up me in a high-grade family. They have given good education for me. I not closed woman and I do not hesitate that, to speak on various themes. But to tell about trite it already too! Now I can close this theme. What do you know about my city??? I was born in small settlement. I have lived all my childhood in this small settlement. But when I have left school. I have decided to arrive in a higher educational institution in a city Murom. In this city I studied and worked simultaneously. But after the institute termination, I have found work. Now I live and I work in this city. Murom is an old small city. In my city many public theatres, Old buildings, churches, historical and cultural monuments. Also in my small city there are formation and culture establishments. Life here is not necessary on a place! Here well developed industry. Schools and higher educational an institution which prepare good experts! It is possible to tell much about my city. If you want to learn more then I think that you can find the information in the Internet. If once you arrive in Murom, then I can show you all here! I do not know much about your city. If as you wish to tell that or about your city then I will be glad to learn about it. As I will be glad to receive some photos of your city. To me it is pleasant that gives the chance to communicate with you. I think certainly you would like to hear my voice. But has not got used yet to you so close. I will feel constraint if we speak so soon. But once we will speak. I promise it for you. With impatience I will wait for your answer. Please answer me soon. Darya PS: Earlier I said that I will send a photo of my pictures. You remember? I hope that it to be pleasant to you. Hello Darya, Very nice that you respond to my message. You asked me to answer your questions. I've read your emails again and I think I'm too old for you. I am 62 years old and I have one daughter. Before we continue with our messages, I would like to know if you still want to know me. Further Your paintings are very nice. I appreciate that you have a fun hobby. Painting is a creative way to express your feelings. I do this with the music. I do have a photo of me and waiting for your message. Let me know if you still want to go with me further. Greetings, Nitril Letter 4 20-8 Hello Nitril. I have received your letter. To me it is pleasant that our dialogue develops and is a success. Our acquaintance develops all better every day. And it thanks to our letters. It is very pleasant to me to see your photo. You the nice man. At you a beautiful smile. Very much and very much it to be pleasant to me. It is very pleasant to me to see your photo. You the nice man. For me it not a problem. I want to communicate with you every day. I write you the big letters. I hope that you as will write for me. ok? You to me that has not told concerning my drawings as I draw. It was pleasant to you? And as you to me that has not told about your region. Why? I work 5 working days. Saturday and Sunday is my weekend. I reach for work using public transport or a taxi. My working day lasts in a current of 8 hours. Under the law of the labour code of Russia the person should not work more than 8 hours per a current of 1 day. As it in your country? As I have a lunch break. How you reach for works? On the car or public transport? I would like to tell to you about that that I did not tell earlier. I want to speak openly and I think that you should know about it. Earlier I had unsuccessful experience with the man. It named Vasiliy. We concerned in a current of long time and we lived together. But then I was disappointed for it. Once I managed to be released on my work earlier. I hastened to meet home my man and to make for it a supper. But when I has come back home and opened a door then I have seen female shoes in our corridor. I have been a little surprised also I thought that probably it one of my friends has come. But when I opened a door of my bedroom then I have been shocked to the seen. I have seen that Vasiliy lay in a bed and embraced the unfamiliar woman. When he has seen me then he has told that he can explain for me. But I did not need what explanations. I have understood all without words. I have begun to cry and escaped. I could not forgive him. Next day I have called Vasiliy to collect the things and to leave my apartment. I have solved that I should stop relations with this man. I cannot connect my life with the traitor who has changed to me with other woman. I do not want think that once it again can to make that or similar. After that case I have become isolated also I did not concern with men in a current more than 1 year. Now I have decided again to search for the man for me. But I do not want the man from Russia. Therefore I have decided to search for love in other country. With impatience I will wait for your answer. Darya Hello Darya, Thanks to send me a message back. I read your message. The photos you send are really nice. Which photo is a recent photo of you? You say you work five days. Every day 8 hours. Saturday and Sunday you free. In my country too. I myself work four days and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday free. I go every day to work by car. I have two cars. I work. I'm glad you like my picture beautiful. But I'd like to know if you do not find me too old. This question have not been answered yet. I like to write with you. I think you're a good woman. I live in the Netherlands, in the south .. I read that you had with a man a relationship. This man was cheating with another woman. Then it's best to stop the relationship. Something (cheating) you should not do when you live together. I hope you are going to get, maybe we have a very happy life together !!! Greetings, Nitril Letter 5 21-8 Hello Nitril! It is pleasant to me to see that you do not leave me in loneliness. I answer your letters every day and it pleases me. But I would like to feel you close to me. I want that you were near to me! Thanks for a photo! You are pleasant to me. I will be glad if you give me your photos in each letter. I am glad that you liked my photos. All my photos have been made several months ago. This summer. It is pleasant to me to know about your work more. And just as you reach the work. Only I do not understand. Why you have 2 cars? One has not enough? I spoke to you about my last relations sincerely. I want that you knew on how many I seriously I concern you. I am glad to know about your region. I would be glad to happen once in your country on my vacation. What plans at you for today? Yesterday I and my friend Valentina sat in cafe and talked. Earlier Valentina advised to me to try acquaintances on the Internet. She worries about me and wants that my private life developed well. She has told to me that recently its cousin Has got acquainted with the man through the Internet and has left to it to Spain. Already it contacted Valentina and has informed that she's fine. As she has told that probably soon it it is necessary to live in Spain! Probably already soon it will find happiness of which she dreamt! I can remember a telecast which is called -
Status of report: is still without proof