SCAM REPORT ABOUT  angie varona

First name: angie
Last name: varona
Aka: lisa, rose vickers, anna thomas, joyce neal
Age: 21
Location: florida
Phone: 510-764-3567
On websites: and random emails
Report:     this same woman tried again to email me with another womans name she said lisa she sent me pictures but she kept asking about susan i knew that was strange she wanted money so we talked on messenger and she used susan thomas email trough messenger heres what she told me after i found out who she was please this woman is dangerous as you will see by this part of a conversation with her she really unpredictive anna thomas:? fucker, yes am a scam lol anna thomas:? you were saved by God anna thomas:? i would have used the hell outta you Sep 20 at 8:04 PM anna thomas:? fucker you furcker anna thomas:? you foolish family, you were saved by God i would have use the hell outta u
Status of report: is still without proof