SCAM REPORT ABOUT  susan williams

First name: susan
Last name: williams
Aka: misty
Age: 40-50
Location: Clover city South Carolina, USA and Brantford Ontario
Phone: 803-675-7615
On websites: yahoomessenger and emails
Report:     we met on and she scammed me out of $6,000. she operates out of Brantford Ontario, Kuala Lumpur Maylasia and she lives in Clover,South Carolina USA. She sent me a copy of her passport. She is an American citizen. Passport says she was born July11,1967. She accidentily sent me an email with a picture that was sent to a I can email a picture and her passport but somehow I don't think it is her. I also noted on some conversations that I was speaking with different people.
Status of report: is still without proof