Scam report about Chloe 

First name:  Chloe
Age:  36
Location:  Alexandria Virgina USA
On websites:  Christian Cafe My Flirt
Report:  This is more like it an attractive woman. If you want to try to scam this is the way. This scammer first appeared in Christian Cafe without a picture. The scammer was thrown out very quickly. I got a suprise when this scammer appeared again with identical profile and this time with a picture. I didn't bother trying to do a report the first time as there was nothing to go on but the second time with a picture was abit too much to resist. My main reason is it is sad to still see many men just thinking about looks and then the bedroom and getting scammed. So if any pictures in Stop-Scammers and what I have written saves one man then it's worth it. Men need to use their heads more. Incidentally I don't belong to My Flirt. The picture I received in CC was the same picture placed in My Flirt. This scammer has obviously just used a picture of an Hispanic Lady to try to scam. This is what I mean by using ones head. Do abit of detective work and one thing don't send money. Even if you have been writing to someone for 2 yrs. Some female romance scammers keep men dangling for a long time.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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