Scam report about Jessica Binay

First name:  Jessica
Last name:  Binay
Aka:  Jane Binay
Age:  24
Location:  Bario, Malaysia
Phone:  +601-435-115-75
On websites:
Report:  I registered with on 24 Aug 2014 and she contacted me on 1 Sept 2014 on the dating website's email. On her 2nd email. she requested to correspond on personal email and I agreed. I corresponded with her over 4 emails in 2 days before I smelled a rat. First, she did not answer any of the personal questions I asked. Instead she rambled about her being and orphan and stranded in a mission camp in Malaysia (she is from the Philippines). She claimed she was orphaned when her parents were killed in a landslide the previous year. She said her father was the President and CEO of Philippines National Oil Company (PNOC) when he was killed. I googled her father's name that she provided & PNOC but the results showed up another person's name who has been President & CEO since 2012 to present and still very much alive. In her 4th and final email, she claimed her father had left her US$3.7m in a Malaysian Bank and she needed my help to take out the money. This was the final big red flag, so I never bother to reply her. Our correspondence ended there and then.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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