Scam report about mereal Marcks

First name:  mereal
Last name:  Marcks
Aka:  loving you
Age:  28
Location:  ghana accra
On websites:  confirio
Report:  1. the scammer contacted me 2. scammy messaged me thru confirio 3. 15 min 4. yes poor grammar , slow response , change subject when trapped , location change , family illness/death , caretaker , no cell/ or broke , false ID , uses porno actor/actress , fast action , love word , greetings > babe , hun etc, won't answer questions but will answer with a question , 5.$ request was not presented yet I didn't let it go that far. 6. n/a 7. I ratted the scammer out

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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