SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Victoria Robertson

First name: Victoria
Last name: Robertson
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
Email: victoria robertson
On websites: Skype
Report:     This girl (user) claims to be real. I have been chatting with her for over 4 month. Unbelieveably long time. From time to time she gets back to the problem, that she needs money, in order to get hold of a rather big load of gold. The gold was left for her by her father. She claims that she does not have a laptop with camera on. So it is impossibel for us to chat with cam. Haha. Most of our chats are friendly and full of humor. The talk about money is rare, but, off course, she claims that her heart belongs to me and that she want to come to my country, so that we can get married. The next thing makes her a rather bad scammer. She uses the identity of Ann Angel. I have found over 1000 Pictures of this girl on the internet. I have confronted her with that fact. Her answer is, that she needed to use her body to earn money in her early years. Just to live. And now other people uses her Pictures for their own benefit. What a terrible storry Hahaha. I haven?t believed her storry from the start, as I have looked through her from the beginning. So the status is. Who is scamming who? I have a feeling that she actually know, that I have looked through her. I don?t know. The strange thing is, that she has actually invited me to come and visit her in Ghana. This makes me a Little interested, but I do not dare to take the trip. I think it will be a waist of time and finances.
Status of report: is still without proof