SCAM REPORT ABOUT  alyssa dowson

First name: alyssa
Last name: dowson
Age: 28
Location: lansdale,Pennsylvania
On websites: OK cupid
Report:     this person name Alyssa contact me from dating web side call OK cupid I correspond almost 2 weeks via email I start notice strange the lyrics almost the same and start talking about she nurse from UNICEF she s working western Africa then I read CNN there its not nurses from UNICEF in the region due to Ebola virus so by mistake I found this web side in I found same letter the scammer use. Im very smart and intelligent person I feel so bad the situation happing to me I still correspond with this person Aint send her money yet but its coming the only wrong thing the I did I exchange some pictures with this person phone # and email where I work looking for some advice.
Status of report: is still without proof