Scam report about Janet Mark

First name:  Janet
Last name:  Mark
Aka:  Jenny Chloe Sellers
Age:  29
Location:  USA, Brooklyn
Address:  Kendo Barnes, Brooklyn, NY,11238
Phone:  209 232 1522
On websites:  Yahoo, Facebook, Craigslist
Report:  She first initiated contact in a response to an add that I had posted on Craigslist.I corresponded with her for about two weeks.The strange things were that she claimed that her phone was broken, and couldn't call me, so we would have to keep on with im's on Facebook.She was not fouthcoming with info about where she was in school, what the name of the school was, where she claimed to be studying nursing.She would just not respond when I would ask these types of questions, and I would have to ask again, and then she would just go off line. Then claim that it is bad connection/server, or something. She got to start saying how I was the greatest thing to ever happen to her, and all that bla bla, and then how she loved me and bla bla...The money request was initiated when she said that she needed to pay her phone /online service bill or else would loose it and contact with me.I sent her 100.00, through Western Union.One week later, she claimed she had run out of food, and had no money because her school didn't pay anything while she was going there. She said that lived with her mother, and uncle in Brooklyn after her husband had died in an accident a year ago.She claimed to be from Stockton Cal, before the accident. She claimed that her mom and uncle had not very much money coming in, and that she needed to help out but had nothing to do so, and asked me to help her.I then sent her 200.00 through Western Union to a Kendo Barnes, Brooklyn,NY,11238, same as the first time. She claimed to have no id yet for there, so that was her uncle's name, and he would pick it up for her, just as the first time.Then, she claimed that she got bad news and was mad. I asked her what bad news, and she told me that she needed to pay for her final exams(400.00) and also the other thing associated with the finals(150.00).This is when I decided that she was probably a scammer, and did a search for nursing scammers, and found your site with her pic right there.I then unfriended her, and cut everything off, and sent her nasty mails telling her how much of a P.O.S. she is, and that I would turn in all the info I had from her.We even did a short video conference call, where I could see her face, and the girl in the pics, is definitely her, and not some guy or something.She is the girl in the pictures, no doubt.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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