Scam report about Pat Boateng

First name:  Pat
Last name:  Boateng
Age:  15 October 1980 as per passport
Location:  Acra Ghana
Address:  548 newton Road Accra ( as per email)
Phone:  233244132131
On websites:  lavaplace
Report:  I had received a Virtual kiss on Lavaplace around 5th October After few messages she invited me to Instant Messenger She is a Chinese looking born in Ghana ( father died in accident) and mother aged 67 after exchange of messages over 3 or 4 days, and more photos, she convinced me she feel in love with me Wanted to give a gift for her birthday and she invited me to send through Western Union Thereafter she said we need to meet and she want to come to my country . Her passport has expired The costs of paperwork will be USD 820 which raised an eye brow. I told her that according to website , costs of renewal is around USD 100. she replied that she will do this through Express through a familyfriend I asked her for passport copy, birth certificate and proof of address. She sent me the passport and birth certificaate which showed Father's and mother's name as chinese I started making research on website and realised that this is a dating Scam and the she is really a MALE at the end of the line. I must admit , he was very good in submitting various pictures to convince me she was the real person behind even with date on the picture

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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