SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Olga Perepelitsa

First name: Olga
Last name: Perepelitsa
Aka: Olya Perepelitsa
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine, Zhitomir
On websites:;
Report:     Who initiated contact? She initiated contact How was the contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? Letter through How long did you correspond for? 5 months Did you notice anything strange in the correspondence? yes, she would not agree to Skype, she would not answer specific questions about where she worked or information about parents. I tried numerous times to set up phone conversation through sites (translation) and she refused. She refused communication beyond letters. How was the money request done and for how much? she was not upfront about asking for money. She would hint that she needed things and that things were expensive and she would have to borrow money. In whose name(s) was the money requested? How much was requested, how many times did you receive a request for money? Olga Perepelitsa, again she was not specific in request, more of hints, 1) her father was in hospital, had to share room because private room was too expensive. 2)Sisters husband was going to war and needed army gear. She was traveling to seaside and had to borrow money for trip. 3) English lessons. 4) How did your story end? I confronted her about my Private Investigators findings. She claimed all were not true. Said she had to hide, because her ex husband. ( Note: Private investigator confirmed to me that she was not divorced) She was mad and ended. Then she wrote back and said please do not hate me, I did not mean to hurt you.
Status of report: is still without proof