Scam report about carlie jenni

First name:  carlie
Last name:  jenni
Age:  31
Location:  houston texas
Phone:  315-316-1128
Email:  N/A
On websites:  tagged
Report:  I been talking to carlie for 3 months now at first she was nice and sweet telling me things that made me sceptical but i still trusted her so i told her too send me some pics and she did they look the same as the ones on her profile so i went back to trusting her but then she started to ask me for money and that she need money for her late dads lawyer to open a frozen account her dad left her a whole bunch of cars and money shes 31 have no job no money and she wants me to come out of pocket with 800 dollars so she gave my her dads lawyer email and i wrote him she said he`s busy but he`ll email me in a couple of mins wierd so i talked to the lawyer a couple times he told ne things i beeded to do but told me i need 800 to have access to the money i told him that i hold it off for a moment and he told me he dosent have time to waste the money frozen it cant move anywhere i thought to myself but now carlie and i talk she`s always saying hey baby i love etc pkus when she text she writes paragraphs and its wierd we always text she never calls abd 3 times i called its rings tgen goes to voice mail saying 27 in a guys voice please scammers help me i dont know of she`s real or fake

Status of report:  is still without proof

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