Scam report about rebacca brago

First name:  rebacca
Last name:  brago
Age:  29
Location:  Ghana Kumasi
On websites:  google+ vk
Report:  after being approached by this beautiful young lady it wasn't long before she was asking for ?2500 for a passport uk visa and plane tickets. i believe this to be a scam, please see dialogue from hangout rebacca brago hi rebacca ? 11:09 Morning beautiful 11:12 Steve Carey rebacca brago how are u doing today rebacca ? 11:12 Doing well x just on my way home 11:13 Steve Carey rebacca brago oh okay rebacca ? 11:14 When are you coming to the UK x 11:14 Steve Carey rebacca brago sweeethaertt i dont have money and place to stay there rebacca ? 11:15 Are you asking for help on here 11:16 Steve Carey rebacca brago yes 100% rebacca ? 11:16 How much x 11:17 Steve Carey rebacca brago 2500pound f for passport ,UK visa and plane ticket rebacca ? 11:18 How does this work x 11:19 Steve Carey rebacca brago sweeethaert if i have mooney now i will go to UK embassy here for the passport and visa after they book the plane ticket for me rebacca ? 11:20 How would I get it to you x 11:21 Steve Carey rebacca brago sweethaert if u ready to help me to come to u i can give my details to u to send it to me rebacca ? 11:22 I am willing to help x 11:23 Steve Carey rebacca brago oh okay are sure if i come to UK will u meet me at the airport i want the trueth because i have not travel to such place before rebacca ? 11:24 Man of my word x 11:24 Steve Carey rebacca brago oh okay than i would happy and happy rebacca ? 11:25 Send me your details x 11:25 Steve Carey rebacca brago ok sweethaert name-Rebacca Brago,zipcode-+233,bank-western union money transfer,country-Ghana,city-kumasi this is my details rebacca ? 11:27 Will see what I can do when I get back 11:28 Steve Carey rebacca brago oh okay than i coould happy in my lifestyle because it is hard for me and grandmother here so i have decide to travel to uk to find job done but i dont no any body there to stay with and i dont have the money to come rebacca ? 11:30 rebacca brago sure my problem was the money to come and place to stay is my problem rebacca ? 11:33 Ok no problem x 11:33 Steve Carey rebacca brago oh okay sw3eetheart so when than i will go to the Uk embassy rebacca ? 11:34 When's your birthday hun ... early present x 11:35 Steve Carey rebacca brago 29th octorber is my birthday and i have 30 years rebacca ? 11:35 Wednesday x 11:36 Steve Carey rebacca brago yes sweetheart rebacca ? 11:36 Will talk soon x 11:37 Steve Carey rebacca brago oh okay sweethaert so are u willing that u will help me to come to Uk rebacca ? 11:38

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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