Scam report about Kelly wright

First name:  Kelly
Last name:  wright
Age:  36
Location:  England, Essex
On websites:  Sex me Up
Report:  This woman claimed to be English, but with a Venezualen mother. She was, purportedly a Vetinarian who had qualified in the USA and was currently working for a (legitimate ) charity in Nigeria. She made the first approach on the site and, as I am 65, it was not convincing. Within a few e-mails he was, apparently, madly in love with me, also not very convincing or likely. As I was not born yesterday, I had sussed her ( if woman she was ) from the outset and it was fun playing along with her waiting for the bite to come. Sure enough, just a few days before she was due to return to the UK, she found she had no cash to settle bills even though she had cheques worth over ?100,000. Could I lend her about ?1500. at this point, after I declined, I heard no more, strange, as we had been getting on so well!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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