Scam report about Wong Lee

First name:  Wong
Last name:  Lee
Age:  40 ?
Location:  Shenzhen, China
Address:  8th Floor Eastern Banshan Building, No 18 Dongxi Avenue, Buji Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen , China
Phone:  +8613249880828, +8613046864793, +8675532949647,+8613243743022
On websites:
Report:  Meet ALENA RIVERA, (Philippine national)on, she recommends Atlas Tours Agency can assist with visa, flights etc. Due to fly out of Guangzhou airport when detained with a gold bar, supposedly a gift for me, claiming she thought was gold plated and not declaring it. Paying to avoid Chinese prison and for her release, the Immigration and Customs hold the gold bar, her passport and $17000 USD traveller cheque. That was 12 months ago, through WONG LEE ( Atlas Tours Agency ) and their company lawyer PETER CHU, 189 Lin He Xi Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, China (+86 13265633352) since then trying to finalise process to release these items, making payments to Wong Lee through his financial employees listed below: ISSAKA MOUSSA, 15B BUILDING LIUO GARDEN SHENZHEN, 518000, CHINA Western Union & (Postal Savings Bank Of China)account 44040000149359. DAVID SESAY,15B BUILDING LIUO GARDEN, FLOOR 9 BLOCK 6,SHENZHEN, 518000, CHINA. (Western Union) EMMANUEL COSMOS, 15B BUILDING LIUO GARDEN, FLOOR 9 BLOCK 6, SHENZHEN, 518000, CHINA (Western Union) DESMOND RICHARDS, 19 BUILDING FANTIAN, FLOOR 5, BLOCK 22, SHENZHEN CITY, 518000, CHINA (Postal Savings Bank Of China) account:44040000144081 Since reading here an identical scam to another Australian man, just a different lady, but the common is WONG LEE, ATLAS TOURS AGENCY. I have since confirmed her passport is Fake and Atlas Tours Agency (although a professional looking website) is Not a registered business in mainland China. I do feel a fool now in looking back, but blinded by the Love at the time has cost me in excess of $150,000 and 12 months of my life and a broken heart. These people are cruel and professional and I have learnt the hard way. Hoping this will enlighten their next potential victim around the world.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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