Scam report about Mawuli Agbavor

First name:  Mawuli
Last name:  Agbavor
Aka:  Mawuli Agbavor
Age:  29
Location:  Accra , Ghana
Phone:  233541269312
On websites:
Report:  This woman is really slick she sends you pictures and makes you believe that she is in love with you after just a short time of chatting with you. Then she starts asking for money so she can join you in your country. But before she can join you she wants you to pay for a commitment ceremony which is over a thousand dollars because it is the equivalent of a marriage between you. She claims it is a tradition and that before she can join you the ceremony has to take place. So you pay for that then there are the flight details that never come to pass even after you pay for all of the expenses for the flight, paperwork, passport, health test, ebola test, and everything else that you can name. She took me for over 3,000 dollars before I finally told her that I no longer believed she would ever join me in my country.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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