Scam report about Antonialacobescu 

First name:  Antonialacobescu
Age:  23
Location:  Romania Bucharest
Email:  Don't know
On websites:
Report:  Hi i have been talking to a girl who I was wondering but I don't understand why she keeps losing phone and internet connection at her house I have been stress about it just as she keeps asking me for helping her I don't want to put her up now on scammer list because she said she just been robbed and is in hospital as she could be but I know soon if she tell me the hospital . I told her I love caching out scammer one a site and I have spent a lot of time looking and talking to girls most of the girl I have cout in 3 months are scammers I have photo and email address letters of bank account and phone number I just now see your site and I have got about 10 girl scamer to give you so much love your site now I have found it so can you email me so I can give you all the details of there girls sume of the girl say there in one country one a date site and when you get to know them in sort Time thay tell you that they are in a different country and I try to get them to go on Skype if you can not see them face to face you probably got a scammer especially when thay tell you you are the one love thay have been looking for all there life and thay all seem to want money so can you please contact me as I have a lot of girls that are scammers or boy that use girl photo, and you find a good looking girl but the voice just doesn't match you find a seet girl on the site but the voice give them away so I need your help to get started I put up photo for you and site and find them on and email letter of proof so can you email me so I can get started and give you details thank you for having a good idea for us guys that get the chance to get scammer so we don't get hurt as I feel now as I wate for my so call girl friend to Skype me from Romania has got me for 1000 of dollars only if I found a photo of a girl from Romania background check and I see the girl photo on her name on mingle2 is Antonialacobescu I did not have to try to contact her as she a scammer and have photo just don't know how to up lode now so need help thanks , good to find your site sooner just need help to get started on your site Paul kings

Status of report:  is still without proof

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