Scam report about (Mia) on Thai Lovelines Became Andie, Andy (femal Appiah

First name:  (Mia) on Thai Lovelines Became Andie, Andy (femal
Last name:  Appiah
Aka:  Mia , Asana, Abigail, Belinda, Deborah
Age:  31
Location:  Teshi Accra Ghana (originally Bangkok father died Ghanain)
Address:  120 Sulley Link Teshie Ghana 00233 Accra
Phone:  +233547406808
On websites:  Thai Loveliners off now
Report:  She said she is vfrom Bangkok and her mother has house in Thailand Bangkok ,she is a fashion designer but works in hair salons.Said she lived in France forf three yhears has a 9 year old son and father tho not married died in car accident 4 years ago. Her father was Ghanaain he died March 2014 her and mother and son are staying with uncle Awaiting inheritance that wsas firfst discussion and about two weeks later she tgold me that fathers lawyer was awsay and she wsas waiyting his return to see what inheritance was. My fideld was Photography so damn good analysing photos she sdnt photo of herf sittin g in large lounge chair with a pallet of gold bars and shde was holdcing easily a 1 kilo bar she said there wsas 225 kilos of gold ancd sdengt photgo and document to say in a private security company since 2002 and holding fee was $1210 per month back cdated axs nothing hbad been paid. It hac gto be paid bedvforfed freledase $200,000.00 an d then askedc if I c ould come up with that amount I said maybe if you send nude pictures of yourself I sill seded what I c an do I wsas pushing her to seed how serious she was. She obliged and did a various lot of photos apparentlyh that night but I notived some had different color nail polish on and strange if in one sitting. I took two weeks talking with bank and she was getting agaitated taking so long. Finally after chatting daily I adv isdex I had exhausted all avenues and could not help well she was pissed off becaused she did nuded photos and I let her down. About two weeks latefr I suggested she give securfity firm some bars as payment she said they couldntg as gold was not registered. and about a week later her lawyedrf was going to register it and go down tha track. Hed couldn't raisd money his housed was notg valude enough so she then asked me for $42,000.00 if I really loved her so we could be together. I have sednt afterf many requests fvor airfares and pay for tghrede bac k tgo thailandc a sum of $175 only but she wanted $500 for xmas but doesn't celebrate xmas.we are still c ommunicating daily ancd I am awsaitying when I get flicked off. She still xsdncds dcated photos that don't relate to trips she has just had to country.I saw on a sc am site to googled Yuliana Avalos and it is her edxactly abikini mocdl in Miami andc she is suing Date onlined c ompany for 5 billion but noticed sinced 2013 judge thrfew it out apparently her and husband haved been sendin g prfovocative photos to Nigerian scammerfs to get results and now it confirfms what I thought about nasil polish in nude photos I got fofr photos wefd what I redquested hedrf tgo do to prove itg was legigt. She is talking about going on webc am again soon been on once butwa slow mo ving ancd animated but was hdf alrighgt to videdos ovm Yuliana.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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