First name: Ayisha
Last name: Iliasu
Aka: Patricia Martin
Age: 31
Location: Nsaba Ghana
Phone: 425-272-5971
On websites:
Report:     This person uses Ayisha's pictures that can be found on most any scam site. She contacted me using the name Patricia Martin claiming to live in KY with her grandmother and small child. After a couple weeks of text messaging and emails she announced she wanted to visit me in Alabama but needed help buying gas,which I told her I would assist her with this expense when she was standing in front of me, she claimed she was driving from Ky to AL when her car broke down on the road and a mechanic was in route to assess the situation and she would call me back which she did requesting I send her 534.00 dollars to an engine repair to which I said, guess you'll be walking back to KY. She continued her attempt to contact me another couple weeks but she finally stopped. It wasn't until recently I discovered Ayisha's pictures posted online as a Scammer and then realized who I had been dealing with.
Status of report: is still without proof