Scam report about Natalya Borysenko

First name:  Natalya
Last name:  Borysenko
Aka:  Nata
Age:  30
Location:  Country: Greece City: Rethymno Street: 9 E.Tsoyderou Str
On websites:  ?
Report:  She wrote me out of the blue. Said that she got my email from some dating site, but did not remember which. Started off friendly but soon progressed to love and wanting to be together. She said that she lived in Greece, but her mail came from Ukraine. I was on vacation on a cruise trip and I offered to come meet her for three days but she did not send me her info so that I could. It was if she did not even read my mail because she did not even make a reference to it. Later she invited me to visit her, but then her grandmother had to move into her apt with her. I wrote and told her that I had made reservations at a local hotel and would be coming on winter break. Again it was as if she did not read my mail; her next letters were informing me that she could come to me! Then came the request for money. She remembered to give her address that time. I just stopped writing her. When I found this site I looked up her name and it was here. The info is the same, but it looks like another girl in the picture here. There are only two photos here, but I have several more. They do not look the same to me, but she always had on big sunglasses in all of the pics that she sent me.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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