SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Liliya Bondareva

First name: Liliya
Last name: Bondareva
Age: 32
Location: Russia-Balakovo
Address: lenin street 76
On websites: No
Report:     Hello, my dear, Zoltan! I am happy to see your new letter. Because I missed you. Thank you told me. How are you doing? How was your weekend? How was your Monday? Dear, I do not have the camera. See each other, it's a wonderful way to meet if in reality. My joy, I have everything in order. Now, I'm in the apartment. My work on Monday, was normal. Weekend, I had a great, parents with relatives. Managed well to wash in the bath. I was pleased with my weekend. But of course, I thought about you, I miss terribly and want you to be near me. I hope that our meeting is close, and soon we will be able to spend the weekend together. I very much wish. Probably already want to be in your arms, and not to be separated. Zoltan I would like to say that we have come warm weather. Today the temperature was only minus 3 degrees. Quite warm. More recently, severe frosts. But I think the cold weather has definitely go back. Honey, tonight January 13 in Russia see the old New Year. Have you heard about this? And you do not have such a tradition? Therefore, I am going to prepare a salad. Since my parents always collect a small table, and at midnight, a small feast, a glass of champagne, bid farewell to the old New Year. My parents pass you greetings. Honey, on this, I will finish my letter. Since I have to go to the kitchen. Wish you a pleasant evening. I'll miss you, and wait for your new messages. I am sending you a lot of kisses. Your forever Liliya
Status of report: is still without proof