Scam report about 3 diff scammers: shela rae, enchill abrhmms and eu rae=brinican makkiba, abramms=marrian sparks, nels

First name:  3 diff scammers: shela rae, enchill abrhmms and eu
Last name:  rae=brinican makkiba, abramms=marrian sparks, nels
Aka:  you have many
Age:  all about 30
Location:  accra ghana
Address:  po box 197 agona swedru
Phone:  233 573080887
On websites:  yahoo messenger
Report:  rae =blueyed cass, abrhmms=ann angel, nelson=july lane...all living together in the catholic mission house -rae's uncle was a priest...all moved out except pornstar natalie sparks who you have a file on also...4 scammers under one roof- I've seen 3 of them together in one video...abrhmms & rae scammed me out of over $150,000- working sometimes together and my pension is gone..I'm 99.9% sure they were the actual blueyed cass and ann angel..just too many coincidences not to be true..I have receipts of all wire transfers and yahoo messenger conversations

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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