First name: Tamara
Last name: Huang
Age: 29
Location: Singapore, London
Phone: +6591988591, +447904315782
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report:     She contacted me first on dating site. Claimed to be in London to sell her late father's house. After chatting on Whatsapp for a week, she asked to do a video chat on Skype and soon after asked to borrow $2,300 due to her credit limit being busted. Then claimed that she couldn't leave London after selling the house because the agent that sold her house wanted her to pay up all the commission due to them, though the original plan was to pay a small deposit and pay the balance after she cash her check in Singapore. She asked for a loan of about $38,000 but I told her I could only raise $10,000 buy selling some of my investments, and it will take about a week. She got the money from me a week later and almost immediately asked for more because she needed money for an appendicitis operation as she had been warded. I then refused to send any more money over. She pleaded with me for a few more days before becoming uncontactable thereafter. All money were i-bank transferred to her Singapore bank account. I had contacted twice to voice my concern. Their only reply after my second complaint was that they had investigated and that appropriate action had been taken against her. But since their reply, I can still see that she's still very much active on the dating website
Status of report: is still without proof