Scam report about Emerald Swannie

First name:  Emerald
Last name:  Swannie
Aka:  Janet Mark
Age:  29
Location:  Maryland
Phone:  240-561-9784
On websites:  Topface
Report:  Met this person on Topface right after Christmas of 2014, she is damn good,claims to live in Maryland with her aunt, will webcam for you, show you everything, she IS the person matching the photo. Latest story is Dad who lives in Ghana is sick and she is paying his bills even though he is an engineer, first needed money for new phone, then wanted $800 to pay his medical bills, had someone claiming to be her sick father contact me saying he had 17 kilos of gold he wanted to send for our wedding and called me son. At today's exchange rate 17 kilos is worth over $750,000 yet she claims she is paying his bills on an annual income of $18,000 because he worked as an engineer in a gold mine and can't sell any of the gold in Ghana where he lives(what a shock)because the mine will think he stole it. Says her photo and such were stolen and being used by scammers and she is innocent, told her my favorite pizza was Pappa Murphys and she had never heard of it even though Pappa Murphys is all over Maryland because I checked, when she replays with the word OK she spells it okk, an obvious pro and scary good at her job, called her out on being a scammer before I found this site and she got very angry, then told her I had found a site about scammers and she refused to talk to me further until I told her the name of the site. She will vehemently deny everything and try to manipulate you into trusting her all over again and say she is just a victim, I implore everyone to exercise extreme caution when dealing with her, has no soul and will say absolutely anything to get what she wants and will get nasty on webcam for you almost immediately, also uses Skype as a way of communicating

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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