SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Marie Claverine

First name: Marie
Last name: Claverine
Age: 33
Location: Stavanger, Abidjan
Address: Felines, Rhone-Alpes France
Email: Marie.claverine@outloo
On websites: Unknown
Report:     Initially she was in Ivory Coast, supposed to be visiting her mother, who has since died there , is now back in France , I've been chatting to her for over a year off and on , there are some things she says that just don't sound right , Her bank acct being locked and needs money to unlock it , she says it's been locked cause she hasn't used it for so long ,....I don't know why the bank can't take money from her acct to unlock it , dosent wke sense to me at all She says that's the way it is in France , that she has to pay the bank to unlock her acct,,,to me that just sounds nuts And there are other queer things she talks about like, she is suffering from a brain tumour and has to.go to Paris for surgery,.. She lives in Felines which is only approx 25 mls from Lyon where there are specialist hospitals there that deal with brain tumours etc. like the twit that I am I sent her ?1000 to unlock her acct, and haven't heard anything from her in 8 days, I'd say she's a scammer
Status of report: is still without proof