First name: Mariya
Age: 32
Location: Livny, Oryol Oblast, Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report:     1st letter Hallo I'mglad to see you I am browse dating site, and i found your profile. I want to find my man and to be very happy. I like going for a walk, and like to read the books, and like to listen to music. What music inspires you? I was born on September 5, 1982. I don't have boyfriend. You have received my photo? do you like my picture? I'll wait for your answer. Lovely Mariya. 2nd letter Hello , how are you today? ! Its Mariya again ! its my yahoo mail ! write me here I am very glad that you to answer my letter. I ask you to write to me on this email I am so glad to see your email today. I hope we will be good friends and maybe even more. I do not remember if I have written you in my first email or not, but I live in Russian Federation, in the small city Livny in Oryol Oblast. I will write you more about my city. It is not a megalopolis and not even the big city to write about fantastic skyscrapers or amazingly beautiful architectural constructions as in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I'm not very good with computers and sometimes it's a big job for me to find something on the Internet. I can write very well only email, print out some documents or play solitaire. I will tell you a little bit about my job. I work in the auto salon. Our company sells Russian cars Lada. Have you heart about that mark something? I do not think so. Russian people are not so rich to have German, American and other famous car?s marks. That is why our company has a very good income. I work as a manager. I work with manufacturing production orders for computer and outstanding document. That is why I have more free time and good salary. Soon I will get holdays and I thnink may be travel and see some good abroad place. Ok I think it is enough about my job. I would love to tell you about myself. I was born in 1984, graduated from high school in 1999, and received the diploma (higher education) in 2007. My dad left my mum and I when I was little, and I never saw him after that. Mama said that he went to another and she does not know what his life is now. I studied at the Faculty of Economics with an emphasis in English, so now I'm relatively well-know English.But I hope you can understand what I write. How do you like my English? I had several relationships, but not one of them ended well. And I now think that all Russian men are almost the same. They can not love and be always with a woman and run for all the skirts are raised high. So I decided to try to look for friends and maybe love in the other end of the world, because I am tired of loneliness and selfishness of others and pretend that I'm really interested for men. Okay, I think now it will be enough about me, and I will finish my letter. Please tell me about yourself and your life, and I'll be glad to see your latest pictures. Once again, greetings to you from the other end of the planet! Bye for now! Your friend, Mariya
Status of report: is still without proof