SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Catherine Cannon

First name: Catherine
Last name: Cannon
Aka: Blacksheep
Age: 30
Location: Ireland Athlone
On websites: Catherine canon
Report:     ?Racist Woman? We need support! There is a con-woman, Katherine Cannon who has just been elected as the 2014 Topaz Negotiation Representative. She is calling herself Chief Katherine Cannon and is convincing everyone that she is a top woman and is claiming that she is a direct descendant of the late Denis O'Brien kin. She has never had anything but contempt for topaz until it was at a point where it would benefit her. This woman is NOT?? Denis O'Brien family and I know first-hand that she despises topaz people!? My legal name is Ella Elbar.We were constantly abused by this woman on a daily basis. I was told daily that we were filthy Indians who would never be more than prostitutes and have 20 children before we got married. She told me that our mother was an Indian Squaw who didn?t want us and nobody wanted us. She is very convincing.? She was even able to report us to child care when we had letters from both our parents asking to stop that harassment. OF course it was in Katherine Cannon's benefit to abuse us and belittle every day. Again I have to say she never had anything but contempt for Topaz which she call cowboys until it was at a point where it would benefit her. This is the true face of Katherine Cannon.
Status of report: is still without proof