Scam report about natalya kapusstyna

First name:  natalya
Last name:  kapusstyna
Age:  30
Location:  yurga russia
Address:  13 Kirova 652050
On websites:
Report:  Bill, thanks that you have written to me the letter! Bill, thanks, that you have not left me one! Bill, me it is very heavy now. I thought, that have overcome already all complexities on a way to you, but I had a problem. Why on our way there are so much barrier? Bill why the destiny puts before us many barrier? I thought of it! I have understood, that the destiny puts barrier to check up our feelings! Bill, I trust, that our love strong! I am assured, that our love can help to pass to us through these to barrier! We needed to make last step! I have already made everything, that was necessary for a trip! I cannot make anything more. Anybody of their mine relatives cannot help us! We need to hope only for the forces. Bill, thanks that you wish to help, with our meeting. I hope, that at you it will turn out to make it. All that is necessary to pay it the loan at a rate of 638 dollars! And I without problems can fly to you on a next flight! I hope that you understand me! When I learned about Money Gram, I was told that in order for you to be able to use this company you will have to know: my full name- Natalya Kapusstyna, and address of Money Gram in my city: COUNTRY - Russia CITY - Yurga STREET - Kirova, 13, INDEX (THE ZIP THE CODE) 652050. So that I was able to get the funds I need: your full name, address of the bank that you will be using, exact amount of the transfer, and control number. Bill if you can help, I can fly to you on a next flight! You only imagine as be fast we can together! You only imagine me in your embraces! It's great. But now I have tears in my opinion. Bill, understand, you are necessary to me only and only your love! I am assured, that I shall be happy only with you! We suffered much, now our time to be happy! Bill, I have made all that could! Now I am powerless! Now we need to make last step and we can carry out all our dreams. Bill, WE NEED TO MAKE ONE STEP TO CARRY OUT ALL OUR DREAMS! WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER, WE HAVE DESERVED IT! I shall wait for your answer! Yours Natalya.

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