Scam report about Louise Matovu

First name:  Louise
Last name:  Matovu
Aka:  Mary Crocker
Age:  29
Location:  Yellville, Arkansas
Phone:  570-503-6598
On websites:  mate1
Report:  Contacted me off mate1 date site , talked for a few days getting to know each other, then she wanted to come visit me and asked if I could send $150 so she could come. I told her gas would only cost around $75 and would help with that. She at first didn't agree but after a week or so she said $75 would be fine and she would put her money with it and come to visit. Asked me to send it via moneygram. While on her trip said she broke down halfway in Nashville,Tn and needed $250 for fuel leakages. I refused to send her funds so she continued to text me for 2 days asking for money until she said her cousin came and got her and paid for her repairs. I contacted the shop she said the repairs were done at, they said they had never seen her or the car she said she was driving. Now she says she wants to come again, but just found out her late father left her an inheritance in Nigeria and she and her lawyer are flying there to claim it. The lawyer is paying for ticket and will get reimbursed from her inheritance. All is good until Nigerian government requires fees to be paid. She sends me a Barclays document with so many errors its ridiculous. Says she needs $2000 or she can't get her funds and come home. I told her I don't have it,,,after 10 days, she now says all she needs is $100 and is begging me for it. Have told her I will send it in a couple of days , but have no plan to do so. She is currently still in Nigeria, or so she says waiting for me to send the funds.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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