First name: Sarah
Last name: Pate
Aka: Yussif
Age: around 34?
Location: Not sure. Maybe Middleton, Ohio
On websites: jUST HOOKUP, Was but you can find her by putting in Raven Riley info.
Report:     2/19/20105. I did some real research on this girl because I have some legal work I'm doing on her and found her contract concerning her Trademark name: Raven Riley and it gave her real name which is: Sarah Pate, and her home town is Middleton, OH 45042. It was signed on 2/19/2010. It's first use in Commerce was on 2/16/2010. This woman is a major con-artist and she has at least 10 people working for her. Most are in Accra, Ghana for real but she has several here in the U.S.A. working for her. She has her whole family involved in this International Internet Theft Ring which includes: her mother, sister, and brother and uncle. They may be more relatives involved but I don't know for sure. I know she has these relatives. She is the ring leader. She uses her beauty to hook guys and the others go to work. Please don't publish my name because I'm trying to catch this woman and the people who are working for her. They need to be stopped. They are raking in millions. She gets guys to send money to people in Ghana and they take their cut and send her-her cut. She lives here in the U.S.A. somewhere.
Status of report: is still without proof