Scam report about Jamie Lauren Smith

First name:  Jamie Lauren
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  Boobooslavepet
Age:  29
Location:  Northampton, UK
Address:  119A, Clare Street NNI 3JA
On websites:
Report:  The female initiates the contact and wants to go to a training session provided she can be relocated. She therefore wants an air ticket and a prepaid taxi confirmation. For the ticket to be booked and for her to be picked up she informs about name passport number and address. When she recived the ticket confirmation, she suddenly needed pocket money and rent money to secure her belongings. Then it turned out that she was illegally staying in the Uk, as her immigration papers had expired. She therefor needed 150 pounds to sort that out. She refused to send a copy of her immigration papers, but instrad sent her birthcertificate. I presume it is a fake as she was born in Colorado Spring vithout s. The certificate has number 332834. Her passport number is 000362132. I cut the dialog when i learned about the expired immigration papers.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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