Scam report about jennifer owusu

First name:  jennifer
Last name:  owusu
Age:  30
Location:  ghana accra
Phone:  un+233554214497known
On websites:  Skype
Report:  she contacted me on Skype and we had chat she told about her self and how she lost her parents and now living with her grandmother with in a few days she ask for money for food so i sent her money she used her ID card to collect this money we got on very well out of the blue she said she had falling in love with me and could i send her money for a passport and other documents so that she could come and stay with me i also sent money for her flight she told me she can do all of that at the Embassy while she there sorting out her documents after she got back home she chatted to me on Skype saying that everything is fine ive book a flight on day she should be on her way to the UK i got message from her sorry cant come my grandmother is ill after that she told me she at to update her documents yet more money for that we planned again for her to come to the UK she also at to pay for a new flight when the time came for her to come here to the UK she had a accident ended up in hospital spent four days in there we contacted each other and after three days she told me she got a hospital bill to pay and could i pasy it i said no i havent that kind of money which was ?1600 she tol,d me if i didnt she have to pay that bill by working there anyway her uncle paid the bill with in no time she was back at home i question her i said you were quick getting home you no why she wasnt in hospital it was a put up job a fake just get more money out of me the next thing which they tried on me was the gold she promise me i will sale my share of the gold and send me ?4000 to help pay off my debts this went on and on more money sent to her i now realized it to late i wont get any of my money at that time i found your site and found out all about her she was a model called Josie Ann Miller and at least 50 other names and alias at least 50 email address it took me nearly 9 months to realize what she was doing to me just taking my money thats all she was after the scammering bitch

Status of report:  is still without proof

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