Scam report about Rita Phillip Robert

First name:  Rita Phillip
Last name:  Robert
Age:  23
Location:  Dakar Senegal Liberia
Phone:  +221-77-86-14-451
Report:  She initiated contact by sending an email directly to my Gmail account. I didn't correspond with her at all because I know it is a scam. Basically she said her late father was DR PHILLIP ROBERT the managing director of Robert and Associates (Ltd) the former vice president of the Republic of Liberia and standard bearer of the Liberian National Union! He left her 9.7 million US dollars and she needs me to transfer it to my account and then send her the money. I've seen the same basic letter a number of times all over the internet. I have seen many variations of her name. It's a scam. She sent pics with it as well. You can do what you will with the information, I'm just trying to help. Thanks

Status of report:  is still without proof

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