First name: Lisa
Last name: Skidmore
Age: 31
Location: Cinn. Ohio
Phone: 4175012720
On websites: Date sites
Report:     Lisa and I met on a date site, we started liking each other very much. She needed money she said to pay her cousins part of the bills for living there. Which was 350 dollars. I also sent here money other times for food and other things. Her cousin smith was always the one to pick it up for her so he was probably in it also. A few weeks later I sent her 200 dollars so she could drive down to ga and live with me. For some reason she ended up in Memphis with her car broke down. Memphis is no were near ga so I don't know why she went there. So she's broke down in Memphis and I sent her money to fix her car and give here more money to get here. Total of around 800 more dollars to fix it and to get it here. So she got on the road for about an hour and called me she was broke down again. This time I knew for sure that I was being scammed. So I stopped talking to her and would not give her anymore money. This whole time she keep telling me how much she loved me and how bad she wanted to be with me. But it never happened. She probably robbed for for around 2000 dollars. I think she needs to pay it back. I'm heart broken and now broke I gave her all my money to get her here and she didn't come.
Status of report: is still without proof