First name: Janet
Last name: Mark
Aka: alias Ester Okyereunknown
Age: 34
Location: Winnebe, Ghana
Email: Ester100@gmail
On websites: all dating sites
Report:     This female did a great job on me when I was at my lowest time in my life, she took me hook line and sinker and I fell for it all.It was totally unlike me as I am never taken in by anyone but my mistake cost me ?4000 English pounds, my car, my health. I will never forget her and I won't give up on making her come to justice. I have hundreds of pages of emails that she sent, photos and copies of all the money orders. I went on here and out of the blue there was her picture even down to the tattoo on her hip, omg she must have made a career out of doing this. Even though I reported this to the British fraud squad nothing was ever done, they never asked for anything from me just put me in a stock pile.She is heartless and even though no one is helping me one day I will make sure she pays for her crimes. I doe'nt have a great deal of money so I cannot afford all these investigators that look into scammers but I will not give in. If there is anyone out there that can give me any information about who I can contact to start the ball rolling I would appreciate the information.
Status of report: is still without proof