SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Zulfija Gajazova

First name: Zulfija
Last name: Gajazova
Age: 31
Location: Ikryanyoe russian federation
On websites: Municipal
Report:     Very attractive ..stated she is children doctor in village outside of astrakhan Russia..only child Both parents dead. Convinced me of her humble and sincere nature....many photos and heartwarming letters...extremely well the con unfolds and admittedly I actually felt cyberspace the meeting...waiting for the request for money...insisted that she would Pay her way..that impressed me....then always at the last minute..when they feel the hook is set The emergency of brick thrown in window...dosent have enough for plane fare....being aware of scam I offered to prepay round trip ticket...she insisted that for her to get VISA she had to show her cheque for the purchase...BEWARE WHEN THEY ASK TO USE WESTERN UNION YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF....I ISAID O.K. BUT ONLY WOULD DO A BANK TRANSFERS.....of course there were refusals...then she sent me a photo of her USA visa ...damn this looked real causing me to doubt my I checked image of a valid one on line and it's real...except for the lower rite RED numbers.....guess what you can purchase blank forms on line by the hundred count..just make up numbers and paste your photo..very convincing...first when you cannot contact them directly its a warning sign...zulfija Claimed she could only use the computer at the municipal clinic where she worked....impossible To validate her claim...but keep all emails to recheck there story ..they are clever like in the bogus visa but cross up when I tried to send money to her bank account...her reply is she didn't have how can you chow cheque for airline ticket? This fact and making her aware she Was missing the red number on the BOGUS VISA stopped all contact from her......also one of Her photos with one of her friends I recognized from a scammer from over one year ago....which is where she got my email from...I doubt that she was in ikryanyoe but closer to Moscow ...and believe it is an organized the beginning her letters were so long and scripted so well I was hoping that she was real.....I lost no money in this charade ..but the Emotional roller coasted was stressful to say the least..I hope that someone can locate the Email address and bring these scumbags to task. I have alerted the local FBI in Asheville N.C. Where I live.hope this helps .
Status of report: is still without proof