Scam report about Mariya Alimkina

First name:  Mariya
Last name:  Alimkina
Age:  32
Location:  Borovichi, Russia
Address:  World street 140 - 30, Borovichi, Novgorod region.
Email:  mari < >
On websites:  OK Cupid?
Report:  Mari or Mariya as she signed her name originated contact with me after seeing my name on an adult website. I think it was OK Cupid, but I might be wrong. She sent me letters virtually identical to the ones posted on your website. I had seen similar letters from other Russian scammers in the past so I was pretty sure it was a scam from the start. I immediately told her I was in love with the idea of her being interested in a 68 year old man and that I was rich and famous and would love for her to visit me in Las Vegas as soon as possible. I communicated with her for about a week before I told her that I was an author who writes books about prostitution and scams. I also told her the truth that I spent ten years in prison for securities fraud and was only recently released. I told her I would like to write a novel about her called From eRussia With Love. I actually am an author and have written true story documentaries about prostitution in Las Vegas, Costa Rica and other countries that I have visited. I sent her a copy today of two of my books to see if she would tell me her true story. I am waiting for a reply. Then I looked her up on your website and confirmed she was already in your data base. She may not respond because I sent her a link to your website and asked her what she had to lose since her scam was already exposed and there are hundreds of other scammers just like her. I asked her if she would rather earn money legitimately by being a co-author of an ebook exposing this type of scam, or continue scamming people and possibly be arrested for fraud. I have a number of other emails from at least 4 other scammers, but I didn't see their photos on your site and wanted to get a month's free membership so I could search their names and other info. The first one corresponded with me for weeks and then asked for Western Union for round trip ticket after she claimed she had started her trip to Las Vegas and was stranded in Moscow. Lots of details and documents and photos. If you would like to work with me, I would like to write and publish a book and would be pleased to let you market it or distribute it as a co-publisher. You could distribute it electronically as part of your registration fee (add $3 for instance). You can see my profile on linkedin at this link: I will send you copies of the two ebooks I wrote and sent to Mariya if you are interested. Please don't publish my last name however. My books are published under the pseudo name Larry Viagra.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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