SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elizabeth agurma

First name: Elizabeth
Last name: agurma
Age: 25
Location: Republic of Senega
Phone: +221781173836
Report:     Greetings From Elizabeth Agurma. First i want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to communicate with you, i must confess that i am most pleased. Anyways do not find my intention to discuss my private life with you a surprise. I am a very simple person, easygoing, understanding, humble, straightforward and affectionate. I appreciate honest people so much, that is why i want to be sincere with you, because relationships are be based on straightforwardness, understanding and trust. So in that regard, i would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Elizabeth Agurma. I am 25 years old and the only surviving child of my late parents, Mr and Mrs Agurma. I lost my parents in the crisis that took place in the Republic of Mali during January-11-2013. When the French Airplanes attacked strongholds of Islamic rebels in the northern part of Mali. I contacted you, because i wish we could establish a long lasting relationship, as i am an orphan. Life has been a living hell for me since i lost my parents. Few weeks after my parents burial, my step mother and my father's relation's became my worst nightmare with hatred and maltreatment's, due to their selfish interests over my late father's properties. It got to a point that i couldn't endure the pains and difficulties they were making me go through. I planed to escape to Europe, to start a new life, but unfortunately, they found out and seized all my valuable documents that i could use to travel, including my international passport. I became so frustrated, hopeless and helpless, because i didn't have anybody else to help me. The humiliation and frustration got worse by, when i was thrown out of the family house in the middle of the night by my step mother and my uncle. I was nearly raped by some thugs, but i am thankful that i escaped. So i planed and ran away from my country to a neighboring country, the Republic of Senegal, where i am currently living as an orphan in a Humanitarian home, under the United Methodist Church of Senegal. But i am currently seeking asylum under the (United Nations High Commission) for the refugees here in Dakar Senegal. The reason why i am telling you all this things, is because i stand a chance of earning my freedom from here and also have my normal life back. My late father was a very wealthy business man, who specialized on all kinds of treasures during his days. 6 years after i was born, he deposited some amount of money with the Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, with my name as the next of kin, for the purpose of establishing a gold mining company for me on my 30th birthday. Amount is ($3.5 million USD). (Three Million Five Hundred Thousand USD) and i have the deposit slip with me. I have already contacted the bank and applied for claim to the fund, they approved my application, but declined me access to the fund, stating that i don't have the lawful right to administer the fund due my refugee status. But the fund could be released to me, if i would be able to present a trustee who would be willing and capable to assist me in claiming and transferring the fund on my behalf, since i don't have the legal rights to do so. Yes i don't know you, but i want to repose my confident in you, hoping that you would agree to help me, considering my situation and my future. I shall forward to you the fund deposit slip, but on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me till the end of the transaction, without betrayal or disappointment. I willingly promise to give you 20% of the total fund after a successful end of the transfer to your account. 2% would be set aside encase of any expenses that may emerge on the receipt of the fund in your country.Then the remaining 78% would be given to me, to move on with my life. I would have preferred to communicate with you through facebook, but i don't have a phone due to my present condition. I communicate with you through our Rev Father's office computer, which he allows me to us twice daily. He permitted me to give you his office number to call me, so here is the number (+221781173836). His name is (Rev Father Flimon Ibrahim). So feel free to call anytime. I know you would ask why i am trusting and choosing you for this task, maybe because we have not met each other before. But i want you to know that you don't have to know people or meet them before you trust them, but you trust people first, in order to earn their trust in return. Perhaps anybody in my situation would even trust an animal, just to earn his/her freedom and start a new life again. So my dear, this is why i am trusting you with this secret, which i have kept from everybody since i discovered it. So i also want you to keep it a secret to yourself alone, until everything is over and we meet each other to discuss about the future. As soon as i receive a positive response from you, showing your interest and willingness to handle the transaction sincerely without betrayal or disappointment. I will put things into actions immediately, by giving you the banks contact address to communicate with them on the procedures to proceed with the transfer. Best Regards: Elizabeth Agurma.
Status of report: is still without proof