SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Julie Nancy Smith

First name: Julie Nancy
Last name: Smith
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +234 8189608702
On websites: Yahoo Messenger
Report:     Julie Nancy Smith initiated the contact. I believe that the site was Zoosk. I corresponded with Julie on Yahoo Messenge I communicated with her for around 4 months. Unusual circumstances include: She told me she was soon to complete her education at a university in Nigeria, but needed to pay her h.o.d. (head of department) an additional $500 in order to graduate She told me that she was the only one in her graduating class that hadn't already had the $500 paid. Her h.o.d., josephben521, contacted me and said her story was true. I didn't pay her the $500 because I was suspicious. A couple of days after missing her supposed graduation, she messaged me again, claiming she had been jailed for not paying the $500. Next, she told me she hadn't eaten for days and her h.o.d. was willing to give her some money for food, If I agreed that I would repay him. The next day, she told me she had received $300 and I had 2 weeks to pay him back. The two weeks passed and I was unable to pay the $300. She was infuriated, claiming she was going to be put into prison because I didn't pay her h.o.d. $300. I told her I didn't believer story. She, in fact, told me was a 29 year old virgin that had lost her father earlier and that she led the choir at her Catholic Church.
Status of report: is still without proof