SCAM REPORT ABOUT  olga kalashnikova

First name: olga
Last name: kalashnikova
Aka: olga
Age: 34
Location: russia kolomna
Address: nahimova house 19 apartment 4
On websites:
Report:     after send here the first contact true i recieved a message back true after this she dissapered of the site. she left me a email so i send a message to check it out. after a few weeks of emailing she told thats she wants to come to the Netherlands and after a few misleading story`s it happened she needed money to pay for the papers and ticket. there was no bank account so she asked to send it by a money transfer site. i already was suspicious so now im sure. and after some research and see her picture at this site i`m glad. i`m a`wake again and didn`t lose money to this criminals. thank you for making this database and make it public.
Status of report: is still without proof