SCAM REPORT ABOUT  natalya barniva

First name: natalya
Last name: barniva
Aka: ?
Age: 27
Location: RUSSIA-----Arkhangelsk region village
On websites: e/mail
Report:     standard scam line fell in love after approx. - 6 e/mails , wants to come to Canada , she is paying her own way , I'm acting as her sponsor , no word from CANADIAN immigration---the night before she is to leave , she needs 500 as she is short--sorry , I am broke I replied. 2 weeks same name , new e/mail address , gets my name from the first girl, I write back ,and ask, if it is odd that 2 girls ,same name, age and employer, so I asked her how she was ----no reply in 2 weeks.
Status of report: is still without proof